Collaborative Care

Comprehensive Integrative and Functional Medical Care

HealthE Remedy is the establishing the standard for collaborative care.  We serve to optimize the health of well clients, expertly identify and reverse disease in sick clients, identify modifiable risks for future disease and implement a plan to avoid its occurrence.  These objectives were being worked on individually by two exceptional practices, HealthE Coaching and Remedy Internal Medicine and Wellness Center.  Clients being cared for by either one of these two practices enjoyed tremendous health outcomes.  Most extraordinary was the health benefit achieved by clients seeking care from both practices.  Once this was realized, it became our mission to create a practice where we offer nothing less than what we consider the gold standard of care.  Medical and naturopathic care combined to provide exceptional results.


HealthE Remedy is a physician run medical practice.  Dr. Shannon Kennedy, MD and Sherri and Stockton Jacobs, ND, CNS share the practice.  This powerful team of traditional and integrative practitioners works together with the client to optimize health, diagnose and treat disease to reduce dependence on medication, and promote physical and emotional wellness.


New clients will meet with both medical and naturopathic practitioners for a thorough interview and examination.  Diagnostic studies will be recommended and ordered.  Results will be reviewed in detail with the patient, and traditional and holistic recommendations will be discussed.  The patient will work closely with both practitioners in follow up to reach their wellness goals.

Mission Statement

HealthE Remedy strives to optimize the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of clients, community and selves using the best of modern medicine and technology along with the wisdom of comprehensive nutritional, alternative and functional therapies.

Keys to Success

HealthE Remedy is the only physician run group in the area that combines modern therapeutics of traditional medicine with functional and clinical nutrition therapies.  This approach is absolutely necessary to treat, reverse, and prevent disease.

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